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Rebate Tracking

This chrimbus, I built a budget small form factor gaming rig for my brother. As with any budget build, rebates are assumed. To establish some sort of useful baseline metric for holiday time rebate expectations, I thought it pertinent to provide occasional rebate tracking updates. This will be the first of two posts. Note that both MyRebate and PowerColor have their rebate processing centers in Los Angeles, California; I am 400 miles northward in Sacramento, California.

Additionally, If you are looking for a painless way to liquidate prepaid debit cards, I recommend ordering a free Square reader. When swiped, Square scoops a 2.75% transaction fee. Considering many places require a minimum transaction fee for prepaid debit cards and most prepaid providers actually charge maintenance fees, it might just be worth knocking a couple dollars off of your rebate haul for some peace of mind.

EDIT: Final rebate received from PowerColor on 1/15/13; 37 days total - not too shabby!

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