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Deep Post

+ 1/25/13 8:57 PM
Schematix Agt. Double Seven's Newb Report One

Where did that GIF come from...?

+ 12/31/12 7:51 PM
jpr54321 FTB Server Crash?


+ 12/09/12 5:06 PM
Schematix Kura's Feed The Beast server

Ermahgawrd, so awesome.

+ 10/15/12 2:57 PM
sour Kura's Feed The Beast server

kewl you can +rep a twice
eh kura is  pretty cool guy kills creepers and doesnt afraid of anything

+ 6/29/12 10:21 PM
Cobra Kura's Feed The Beast server

Tekkit + awesome dude = ^_^

+ 6/07/12 7:54 AM
healthyspartan Quarry Etiquette

He's an all-around nice guy who cares about the people on his Tekkit server.

+ 6/06/12 9:45 PM
sdm Problems with Avante Hosting and Minecraft

Way to dig up the dirt on AH! Putting that information in one post will dissuade would be customers.

+ 6/02/12 12:25 AM
Cobra Tekkit Server? ARCHIVED

Veteran FTW

+ 5/31/12 6:40 AM
sour Steam.

One sharp dagga with swagga like mick jagga that makes the dogs wagga and acquires twitter taggas

+ 5/14/12 10:14 PM
smithaustin2009 New World.... Who's in?


+ 5/14/12 5:38 PM
Jousis New World.... Who's in?

He's pretty damn logical.

+ 5/13/12 6:41 AM
Jousis I was robbed!

General helpfulness and awesomeness.

+ 4/13/12 2:41 PM
smithaustin2009 awesome jail server!!

Kura's a boss

+ 4/11/12 6:04 PM
devourer09 Archive - Old report / bans

Helpful responses. smile

+ 3/31/12 6:09 PM

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