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Legertje64 OP & User Rule Amendments Thread

Luffyaaaa haha:D

+ 6/29/13 11:51 AM
492728 Removed or deleted

Skype pic

+ 6/21/13 6:13 PM
kittykat1251 Removed or deleted

He is just awesome, and helps out alot

+ 6/19/13 11:09 PM
Sith570 I'ma dad!!!!

Being so good at things I'm not ;-j

+ 6/18/13 1:36 AM
IrashiHeart77 The Appreciation Thread

And Gabe and Kitty were forever happy.


+ 6/14/13 2:21 AM
Cacob53 The_mc_Jakenator Tier I temp ban

You're on fire!

+ 6/03/13 1:25 AM
MrPillchard EmmyHarden11 Tier III Perm ban (Awaiting Repeal)

Good job gabe

+ 6/02/13 11:04 PM
Naterdoo Sandy Stone Apartments

He's the best guy ever!

+ 5/24/13 5:54 PM
MaximumMining Sandy Stone Apartments

For trying to keep the cubers here.

+ 5/21/13 9:16 PM
MrPillchard RS Minecraft Photobook

I haven't seen you on lately sad. Or maybe the other way round tongue

+ 5/21/13 5:39 AM
jpr54321 Player Status

too kind tongue

+ 5/15/13 5:55 AM
MaximumMining Player Status

For being nice to my bro while I'm gone.

+ 5/14/13 7:30 PM
RooTheGreat Grievances, Complaints, and Suggestions

Not completely flipping out on me smile

+ 5/14/13 1:49 PM
Cacob53 Drop in Votes

For giving me over half my rep.

+ 5/12/13 11:02 AM
olympuse410 RS Texture Pack

you are putting almost too much effort into this texturepack smile

+ 5/12/13 8:56 AM

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