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From user For topic Reason Value Date
MaximumMining PvP Bullsh*t

More random appearances with no real commentary. Still find it funny.

+ 10/13/13 8:10 PM
simplyskyler Archive - Old report / bans

Derpsloth too good~

+ 7/17/13 1:31 AM
MaximumMining Please participate

yay! showed up again! that makes my day.

+ 7/08/13 8:50 PM
sambond009 Grievances, Complaints, and Suggestions

+ 6/27/13 7:59 PM
neptune01 Grievances, Complaints, and Suggestions


+ 6/27/13 6:37 AM
Lukeski14 GotKaya Clarification

Come back sad

+ 6/16/13 10:27 AM
MaximumMining GotKaya Clarification

Just for showing up again (unlike some old people) *coughKuracough*

+ 6/16/13 6:58 AM
MrPillchard miguellourenco

For whitelisting me

+ 6/07/13 10:40 PM
neptune01 Stay 100% Vanilla or Go Back to Semi-Modded

Come baaack ;(

+ 5/28/13 9:44 AM
Lukeski14 In Regards to My Brother

Come bak pls

+ 5/17/13 9:20 PM
health Xbox Live

ps3? Really >_>

- 3/20/13 4:32 PM
sorairo Declaration of War

Just for being awesome. <3

+ 2/24/13 5:53 PM
olympuse410 Xbox Live

That xbox looks a bit strange... Did you order it from China or something?

+ 1/25/13 8:25 AM
sambond009 JACEFACEXD Tier I Tempban (Pardoned)

Bro, I know how to freaking quote, stop de-repping me...

- 1/18/13 5:46 PM
olympuse410 Diary of a lapis addict. AMA.


+ 1/17/13 3:09 PM

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