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Reputation of the user TheHaggis  [+18 / -2]  

From user For topic Reason Value Date
olympuse410 Removed or deleted

Hey look its haggis

+ 3/04/14 12:30 AM
nerfteen 1.7 Server Reset

excellent explanation.

+ 10/23/13 2:01 PM
RooTheGreat Reports of seismic activity

Helping me to cope with a boring car journey with a fun thread like this

+ 8/25/13 12:10 AM
sdm New public skele farm

cool d00d

+ 7/27/13 11:25 AM
Lukeski14 Next World Build Plans

Excited to see it

+ 6/25/13 2:31 PM
Gabrielman Book writing competition!

such a thorny little cactus he is

+ 5/30/13 4:06 PM
492728 I need a new mouse

I have been waiting for this post tongue

+ 5/27/13 12:33 PM
olympuse410 That little voice inside your head.


+ 5/13/13 1:03 AM
olympuse410 help me to connect to server!

No problem big_smile

+ 3/10/13 3:25 AM
Dalyos Weird bug

Only person caring about my life

+ 2/17/13 2:54 AM

Being a douche

- 1/30/13 3:32 AM
sambond009 Grievances, Complaints, and Suggestions

A wild haggis Appears. Sambond uses: 1 up, surprisingly effective.

+ 1/25/13 9:22 AM
jpr54321 jpr54321 Tier I Tempban (reinstated)

Awww so sweet

+ 1/06/13 5:02 PM
sdm Sand Gen plugin fix

hi bb

+ 12/11/12 2:52 AM
Kid2277 New Items/Crafting Recipe/Blocks/Features Ideas


+ 11/07/12 11:28 AM

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