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Minecraft » StarMade Server! » 6/28/13 9:05 AM

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Could i be whitelisted please ? IGN : Cobra_reaper
Thanks !

Grief / Theft Reports, Bans, and Appeals » Cobra_reaper T1 temp ban » 5/22/13 12:18 PM

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I already had a ban from musikmaker for messing around with the wiring of his golemn farm.

Games » Word Association » 5/18/13 12:42 PM

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General Chat » What Fandoms do you belong to? » 5/18/13 12:32 PM

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- Arrow
- Supernatural (although i haven't seen season 7 and 8)
- Warehouse 13
- Eragon
- Steins Gate
- Chuck
- Artemis Fowl
- The Mortal Instruments
- Avatar (Aang and Korra).
- Avatar (the movie)

Games :
- Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light
- Prey
- Counter Strike 1.6
- Soldier of Fortune 1,Soldier of Fortune 2, Soldier of Fortune 3 (Although mostly the first one.)
- Quake 3
- Doom 1,2,3
- Max Payne
- Soldat 1.2
- Re-Volt
- Halo 1 and 2
- Redline
- Unreal Tournament 1 and 3
- Mega Race 2,3
- Hitman Codename 47, Hitman 2 Silent Assassin , Hitman Contracts , Hitman  Blood Money

This is the stuff that came to mind right now. Most probably forgot some stuff and maybe will update the list later.

General Chat » Dead, dead, dead » 5/18/13 11:55 AM

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I have a A4Tech (model: Wop 35 ) mouse which has been working for more than 12 years. Well i had some trouble with mouse clicking last year but turns out it needed a cleaning and that fixed it. Also they have reasonable prices and well astonishing build quality for a mouse i can say. I have a logitech mouse lying around which lasted only 2 years. Check them out maybe you will find your mouse there (haha , funny).

Heres a link to the mouse i have : … &id=22

Ps: Don't buy a cordless mouse . I have one for travel and its annoying to change the battery every 3 weeks.

Grief / Theft Reports, Bans, and Appeals » Cobra_reaper T1 temp ban » 5/18/13 11:41 AM

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Yeah i am sorry. Curiosity got better of me. An admin on the server already said that it was off limits and got me out of there. I think his name started with wu (not good with remembering names). Again i am sorry for causing inconvenience and being a nuisance. smile

Minecraft » Spawn Minecart Transport System » 1/02/13 8:23 PM

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They do stop when the chunk unloads but never heard or had them despawn.

Minecraft » 2013 » 1/01/13 4:11 AM

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Happy new year !

Minecraft » Enchanted books 4 sale » 1/01/13 4:05 AM

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I have also a ton of enchanted books (1 and a half double chest). Any one wanna buy Smite 4 ? (12 available) - one diamond for each.

General Chat » For Sale / Want To Buy / For Trade Thread » 12/30/12 12:54 AM

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MSI card is real lovely. Dude where did you get that Gt 430 ? My Gainward Gt430 is a beauty compared to that. Will maybe upload a pic later.

General Chat » Planetside 2 Rollcall » 12/29/12 8:26 AM

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I may drop in. Depends on how much time i have and when . living on the other side of the globe ya know.

Grief / Theft Reports, Bans, and Appeals » Archive - Old report / bans » 12/26/12 12:11 PM

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I admit tampering with the wiring but i didn't break the farm. The reason i tampered is that it was already broken. I wanted to tell you musik but i forget ( and should have left a sign )sad. Another thing is that well , it isn't the first time , the killing mechanism got broken and generally it was because of lag. I fixed it 2 times about 2 weeks ago by just updating the circuit (not changing anything ).  I am sorry for causing a problem .

Edit : I left everything as it was originally. And ye , i broke the rule - ( couldn't resist to have a glance at the redstone , srry).

Minecraft » Server Details, Rules, and Status Discussion » 12/23/12 1:58 AM

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When we will the server get to 1.4.6 . Its annoying that i can't login in tongue.

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