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#1 12/08/07 7:39 PM

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"We're not sure why Lenovo is feeling so particularly jolly this holiday season, but we're certainly not complaining. The company just slashed prices on its ThinkPad R, T and X series laptops, and its ThinkCentre A desktops. All models have received a 25% price cut, except for the R series with a still-lovable 22%. Yeah, you know the person on your list with everything? We bet they don't have seven ThinkPads courtesy of their new favorite nephew."



12/08/07 7:39 PM

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#2 7/09/13 11:34 PM

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TwoEdgedDeath United States
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I like teh Necros.

kip SDM Quotes kip
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#3 7/09/13 11:37 PM

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why does everyone leave like this

I implemented the changes requested and have not been offensive

please do me the same kindness ted sad

you be the judge

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