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#1 12/09/07 12:14 AM

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Tags: [d-link, dlink, router]
Let’s face it, going to an electronic store shopping for the best home or office router can be difficult especially for a new user. Today RVS looks at D-Links new DIR625 Range Booster router with Wireless N.

D-Link’s Claim:

The promised standard of Wireless N is designed to eventually offer speeds up to 600Mbps with average data transfer rates around 200Mbps and ranges extending up to 200 Feet indoors. This draft version of D- Link routers promise speeds up to 300mbps with data transfer rates reaching 130 Mbps and indoor distances up to 150 feet.
The Stash’s Findings:

Setup was quick and easy, simple enough for anyone. Installation was as easy as opening a box and popping in a CD.

The Test:

We conducted three tests to see the maximum range and speed you'll get in practical situations. Our first test showed that within a clear 10 foot distance you'll see excellent performance with no dropped signals. At 50 feet with a wall through the signal, we still get a very good or excellent connection. However, at 150 feet we see the router show its technical limit. With three walls and a distance of 150 feet, we saw numerous dropped signals with very low speeds. Taking the walls into account, you can expect about 80-100 feet with interference, and 100-150 feet without.

The Verdict:

If you’re looking to enter the “wild west” of networking, D-Link’s DIR-625 might just be what you need to help you. If you’re looking for stability, then you might want to look else where. Wireless N still has a lot of growing up to do.

Clean Styling
Easy to setup
Much more mature than previous N technologies

Heating problems
Price tag


12/09/07 12:14 AM

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#2 1/11/08 1:10 PM

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Brian Whitmer United States
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I hate when routers get to hot. it seems to cause problems. and since they have flashly lights and things. my parentals put shirts over them at night. and then it just makes everything worse. 100 dagree plus router ftw?

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Microsoft > Apple

#3 5/11/08 5:30 PM

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i have DIR-655 and works pretty good but it does heat up hmm .


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