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#1 12/02/10 10:43 AM

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"Most PC cases sold today don't have any provision for directly mounting a 3.5" device in the front panel. Floppy drives are a thing of the distant past, and most accessory units designed for mounting in this location have adopted the 5.25" format. The Patriot Convoy 425XL takes advantage of this larger environment to provide space for four 2.5" format drives. It's ideally suited for an application where a RAID solution is needed in a small space, particularly the higher RAID levels that require 3-4 drives for a combination of speed and redundancy. Commonly called "laptop" drives, the smaller format is also the most common platform for SSDs. There has been an explosion in the last two years of 2.5" SSSDs on the market; silent and fast, with low power requirements, they would seem to be an ideal companion for this new class of drive enclosure. Benchmark Reviews takes a look at the ins and outs of the Convoy 425XL and ! then puts it through its paces with a full suite of benchmarking tests."

Benchmark Reviews


12/02/10 10:43 AM

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