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#1 11/05/11 9:49 AM

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DirectGameKeys, a website that sells "gray market" (Russian-based) video game serial keys, currently is selling Battlefield 3 Origin keys for $24.69 (after coupon "DTC Clan"). So, being the EA-hating, penny pincher that I am, I decided to try their service out. A few things of note. Their website does not use secure HTTP for billing, so either pay with PayPal or use a preloaded debit card (you can get one at a grocery store). When you create an account with them, they will email your password in plain text - do not use a "familiar" password. Also, if you choose to use PayPal, make sure you use FireFox or Internet Explorer (Opera had problems with their processing page) and, confirm that your billing information matches your PayPal. I had problems processing the payment until I updated my billing address from "0000 Top Secret Lane" to my actual address.

It took about ten hours for me to receive my email with a key (although, I paid for the game late at night). Some individuals have gotten their game keys within the hour. In your email you will be given a picture of a retail Battlefield 3 key and three requisite download links (to convert from Russian to English). The links were provided via "megaupload", so I advise using a program like "JDownloader" to make your life easier. Also, be sure to back these files up. The patches are nearly one gigabyte total and are impossible to find anywhere else on the internet (I tried).

Activation is as easy as logging in to your Origin account, clicking on the "gear", and selecting "redeem product code". You should now have "Battlefield 3 - Russia Standard Edition". Once you drop the patch files in the installation directory and run the registry fix, everything should be correctly displayed in English. The game runs correctly! I am only worried about what will happen with future, large updates. Will the English patch files still work?


11/05/11 9:49 AM

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