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#1 1/13/08 11:24 AM

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While Gigabyte is known primarily for their motherboards and branded video cards, the Volar Heatsink is another obvious attempt to break into the already crowded cooling market. With it's conically directed 120mm fan, and it's interesting heatpipe placement, Gigbyte might have made their mark. Let's see if the Volar (GH-PSV21-FB) has what it takes.

While the Volar definantely has a unique style, however the heatsink looks and feels cheaply made. For an entry fee of $45, I'd expect something a lot nicer looking. The point however to the design is to "direct" airflow over not only the processor, but also the mosfets and surrounding components. This however proves to be a moot point, considering you're given less heat dissipation, and since the aluminum blocks out most of the airflow, most of the air never actually reaches the motherboard components. Nice try. people these days assume the more heatpipes you have the better, this is one of those products that proves my point in saying, that proper engineering and dissipation space is better than some copper tubes. The reliance of the CPU on the heatpipes cripples this heatsink, not just because of the design, but because the heatpipes are poorly connected to the body of the heatsink.

I will however give it some credit for a couple of reasons; we just reviewed the Star Ice Heatsink, only to be furious with the "grand canyon" finish on the core (polish was nonexistant), this heatsink however has a nice, even smooth base. This heatsink is also universal as it works on most AMD and Intel motherboards. Usually when you hear universal you except flimsy adapters and mounting brackets. This "butterfly" mounting design is relatively easy to use which is a refreshing change of pace.

What was kind of bizzare was that the 120mm fan, running at 2000RPM was somewhat noisy, when I would have expected a completely silent setup. I'd recommend lowering the RPM down to 1500RPM if you want to keep everything nice and quiet. The temperatures didn't seem to be affected too much by the change in speed, which is also suprising.

After we got everything sorted out with the heatsink we decided to load up the bios and check the temperatures. The heatsink showed average performance with 93.2F/34C on a Core2Duo E4500, and 82.4F/28C on a 4800 X2.


If you're looking to try something new, or have problems with fitting a heatsink in your case, or even if you want a semi-silent solution, Gigabyte has what you need. However, if you want more than average performance, a resonable price, and build quality, I'd avoid this heatsink until a price-drop or revision. Average performance for $45 doesn't make much sense to me, but with a price drop to maybe $32 this heatsink seems like a pretty competent deal for anyone who wants a semi-silent unique cooler, and who has problems keeping their mosfet temperature under control.


1/13/08 11:24 AM

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#2 1/19/08 9:50 PM

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heshsk8r United States
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bizzare looking heatsink


#3 5/21/08 2:44 AM

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I want to get a fan,but not this version!


#4 5/22/08 5:36 PM

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Seems to me like the engineers creating this heatsink were doing everything backward.


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