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#1 11/19/11 7:58 PM

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This thread is for random rants about stuff, if you can't figure that out. I didn't see anywhere else this rant would fit. And with so many short threads, I decided to just start my own.

Feel free to add your own random rant about stuff.

My future on this server: I plan on gathering resources with the crowd, perhaps helping build some stuff, but eventually splitting off. I guess you can say to build my massive evil-villain castle. Its more that the stuff I like building with (redstone, pistons, boats, etc.) requires room, which is hard to get when confined by other people's houses. It will be a while, I will probably go for a stack or two of diamonds, etc. before I devote my time to my own house. Until then, I aim for the helpful nomad approach.
Which is also why I wanted close cave spider spawners (XP farm, which will be public), and snow biome cliffs (snow biomes provide ice, which is useful.). I could also take some info from the overhead map, if that updates often.
Don't worry, I will still be helpful before and after i move. I just like the freedom and space of my own house. I  will also probably build a nether railroad, as i tried to do on the older server, to conserve both time and now hunger.

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity, but don't rule out malice.
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11/19/11 7:58 PM

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