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#1 12/10/11 9:08 AM

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If you are attempting to share a folder, file, or drive on a Windows 7 computer and access it through a Windows XP system, you might run into "Access Denied" or "is not accessible" errors. There are a few settings you will need to change to correctly configure your share.

Right-click on item -> Select "Properties" Context -> "Sharing" -> "Advanced Sharing" -> "Share this folder" -> "Apply" -> "OK"

Select "Security" Tab -> "Edit" -> "Add" -> Under "Enter the object names to select" type "Everyone" (no quotation marks) -> "Apply" -> "OK"

This issue is due to Windows 7 not automatically matching sharing and security settings.

Also, you may want to try disabling "Password protected sharing" under Windows 7's "Advanced Sharing Settings".


12/10/11 9:08 AM

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