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0: In-game username Hubbledub.
1: Is using a "tool" like the X-Ray texture pack okay? NOPE!
2: Describe in a couple of words what a "moon hole" is (in terms of minecraft) - what should you do about
Patch them with dirt 
3: What should you do when you chop down a tree? All of the tree should be gone
4: How do you report suspicious server activity? Post on the forum about it
5: How did you find out about the server? If another user referred you, put their IGN here (the user must send a private message confirming your referral). I googled it and most of the servers i've seen have been griefed or over powering admin so I look up Whitelisted and it poped up.
6: Why should you be approved - what can you add to the server? I like to farm and build, also I can do some cool tricks with water like an automatic iron ingot farm.


4/02/12 5:11 PM

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Friendlier neighborhood OP, ask me if you need help on anything.

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