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#1 4/03/12 11:17 PM

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0: EricII
1: No, using tools like x-ray texture packs are not okay.
2: I believe a moon hole is a hole which was creating as a result of a Creeper explosion. If I were to see one, I would (assuming I have the resources to do so) fill it up with dirt.
3: When I chop down a tree, I should plant a new one.
4: I would report it via the forums.
5: My friend IrashiHeart77 referred me here.
6: I would be a kind neighbor and friend with the other players of the server. In addition, I would do my best to improve my immediate surroundings.

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4/03/12 11:17 PM

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#2 4/05/12 10:54 AM

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I was the one that recommended him to the server, he will be a fine addition to the team. Please white-list him. It will be worth it.

-Cha' Boy RashE.

#3 4/06/12 10:58 AM

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You've been added.

Friendlier neighborhood OP, ask me if you need help on anything.

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