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#1 4/04/12 5:50 PM

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0: In-game username.
1: Is using a "tool" like the X-Ray texture pack okay?
2: Describe in a couple of words what a "moon hole" is (in terms of minecraft) - what should you do about them?
3: What should you do when you chop down a tree?
4: How do you report suspicious server activity?
5: How did you find out about the server? If another user referred you, put their IGN here (the user must send a private message confirming your referral).
6: Why should you be approved - what can you add to the server?

this is for daniel,i would like to get into his server :3

1:kikicow(srry i waz little)
2:If i wanted to do that why would i go to a vanilla server? No use DENIED
3:Plant the saplings and take down all the branches
4:Umm,ask for an admins help,or try to purswade the attacker to CALM DOWN! on the vanilla page
6:Um,I pretty much dont have a life so i can spend alot of time on the server,Ill try to respect all and keep things fair.Try to get some builds up around the server.Helping it be more secure....Yep.....nerd

    If ur reading this plz let me on ur server and have a wonderful minecrafter day lol


4/04/12 5:50 PM

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#2 4/06/12 10:36 AM

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Friendlier neighborhood OP, ask me if you need help on anything.

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