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#1 3/17/08 1:37 AM

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Create a new image, "342 x 145 - White Background"

Use the gradient tools set to difference, and go crazy! (Really, the crazier, the better)

Hit Filter -> Stylize -> Find Edges

Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue / Saturation and select colorize, pick a settings you like, we're going to use 200, 40, 0

Create a new image about 2 x 2 with a transparent background, and use the pencil to create a square in the top left corner, and then go to Edit -> Define -> Pattern, and name this Banner Fill.

Close out Banner Fill, and on your banner, go to Edit -> Fill, and use what we just made with an opacity setting of 10.

Create a new layer, and name it "Image"

Find an image that works best for you, we will be using the ATI X800 for banner purposes. Get your image selected, and paste it into the new layer. Have the image on the right side. Also, if using the magic wand, tolerance level fifty is much easier.

Still on your image layer go to Filter -> Stylize -> Find Edges.

Image -> Adjustments -> Hue, and set the first two sliders, far right (grey).

We will come back to the image later.

Now the top layer will be created

Duplicate Background and name it Foreground.

Filter -> Noise -> Add Noise with a setting of thirty, all else default.

Filter -> Sketch -> Chrome using 10, 0 set Blending to multiply with an opacity of 50 %.

Move Image below Foreground.

Select Foreground, and go to the little Ying-Yang and select Color Balance.

We will be using -60, 0, +50 for Midtones, only. Mess around with the settings.

Now that everything else is done, we will create the text, Select the Text tool.

Click near to the upper left corner, and type your nickname, or what-ever-else you want to use. We will be using font DS-Digital, very easy to find, Google it.

Drag your text just below the upper left corner, like centering something on the left side.

Right click the layer, and go to Blending Options. Use Drop Shadow, with these settings.

Outer Glow with these settings.

Inner Glow with these settings.

Bevel and Emboss using these settings.

And finally Color Overlay with these settings.

(Optional) You can add a border if you would like. smile

Congratulations! You should have made something like this


3/17/08 1:37 AM

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