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#1 3/18/08 12:53 PM

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Open up Photoshop and create a new "800x80" image with a white background.

Use the Text tool to type the first word of your banner, i.e. mud.

We're going to be using, 70pt, Myriad Pro, Regular style, with Sharp Aliasing settings.

After you've done your first word, select the text tool and make sure in a new text layer you type the rest of your banner.

You should end up with this:

Now, hold ctrl+shift, and click on the "T" for each text layer, you should have selected each text item.

Open a new layer ontop of "kipz" and "mud".

Select the rectangular marquee tool, and while holding "alt" subtract the bottom of your selection so you end up with this:

Make sure your new layer is selected and hit "ctrl+A", also make sure your background/foreground are set to default.

Click out of your selection, and in the layer you created change the opacity to 30%, you should end up with this:

Right-click on "kipz" and use these settings in the Blending Options.

Now hit Gradient Overlay and have your color choice in mind, it should flow from light to dark, we'll be using these settings.

Right-click on "kipz" and select "copy layer style"

Then, right click on "mud" or your first text, and right-click, then select "paste layer style"

Get into the Blending Options for the layer you just pasted into, and go to gradient overlay.

You are now going to want to use different colors to contrast the second word, we'll be using these settings.

You should end up with this as your final result:

Thanks for reading this tutorial, if you have any questions or need help, be sure to respond, I'll be glad to help you out.


3/18/08 12:53 PM

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