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#1 6/22/12 1:52 PM

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rtlkage United States
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There have recently been some threads about people leave for a few weeks, and I thought that we could just make one thread to condense the news about people departing on their journeys.

To start us off, I'll be leaving tomorrow for the span of two weeks. I'll be going down to Cairo, Illinois with a group to help out with the community for a week. Then, I'll be heading to northern Michigan to go camping with my family.  So, I'll see you guys in two weeks!!


6/22/12 1:52 PM

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#2 6/22/12 3:17 PM

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Shandrew82 United States
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Tommorow I will be leaving for 8 hours

I will be going to work. I'll miss you guys sad

#3 6/22/12 3:59 PM

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Gordon09 United States
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Im leaving aswell for a week....... man the servers gonna be dead.

Im dredroy........

#4 6/24/12 8:12 AM

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Wagoo United States
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I'm gone until July 5, and the day after, I'm off camping for a week. (I am able to stay in touch every now and then though!)


#5 6/29/12 12:20 AM

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okay im leaving till July 2nd for wrestling camp and wont be on. dont break anything of mine thank you!

suicidal watch
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#6 6/29/12 12:48 AM

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sdm United States
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#7 6/29/12 11:08 AM

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Cobra Russia
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Good opportunity to place some buds, tnt and erase logs . Hehe , yes i am evil ^_#

"Venom is the least of your worries." Fangs Up !

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