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#1 7/06/12 1:08 AM

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NoOnes Switzerland
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Tags: [hub, nether, new, rules]

I propose that a new rule is added for the nether, since we are going trough the trouble of creating a new nether system I would hate seeing it ripped apart.

Here is the rule I propose:

all new destinations have to be connected to hub ore a sub hub and be properly labeled, branching in any other way will be considered griefing.

This rule should keep the nether organized for everyone, while causing a bit more trouble for new connections I believe it well worth it.

also possible:

a requirement of Op oversight for quality control

all of this is just a proposal of course and subject to change,

Thanks for your attention NoOnes.


7/06/12 1:08 AM

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#2 7/07/12 7:33 PM

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I vote yes.


#3 7/07/12 8:55 PM

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#4 7/07/12 9:01 PM

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I vote yes, BUT I think people should be able to do whatever they want to their end of the rail. That way if people want a "secret" path they can make one. Also the entrance to the nether should be very noticable and easy to find, so if someone doesn't want to use the system they don't have to break blocks to get out

#5 7/07/12 9:31 PM

deeteekaay Canada
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what me and irashi thought of was a sub hub for people that are close together, for example punk mountain, antrixb and jrichard111 are all close by so we can make a central point for them and split off again

#6 7/08/12 5:51 AM

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I vote yes

#7 7/08/12 10:14 AM

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NoOnes Switzerland
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I am fine with sub hubs but their destinations have to be labeled in the central hub... also I would like to keep secret ways out of the nether system... I would propose that there is and entrance required for the nether hub and any sub hub so people who do not want to be labeled can easily create secret nether ways


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