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#31 7/07/12 11:21 AM

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No sales tax in Oregon tongue

7/07/12 11:21 AM

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#32 7/07/12 11:42 AM

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Shandrew82 wrote:

No sales tax in Oregon tongue


#33 7/07/12 11:47 AM

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I'm for creative, at least as a supervised donation reward. Not just because I wanna use it, mind you. It's nice to think that people will donate out of the kindness of their hearts but, and this isn't to say no one does, it usually doesn't work that way. That is why most servers have some form of donation incentive in the form of IG currency, rankups/recognition awards, etc. Let's face it: I really doubt many minecrafters have the money to just donate for nothing semi-regularly, let alone regularly. An incentive for donation is a plus to the server.

Edit: Also, I'm REALLY tired of digging. I just spent 2 months leveling a forest and flattening a mountain for my base, I REALLY don't wanna have to dig it down to bedrock too. Oh! That brings me to another thing: perhaps donations for creative should also be approved? I don't really want to see it used excessively but some projects are just nuts and we don't all have time to do what we WANT to do in our free time.

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Did you remember to vote today?

#34 7/07/12 2:11 PM

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healthyspartan wrote:

Idea: OPs may use it ONLY when they are needed to do "OP stuff" (like checking for greif, watching newbs, etc.), and NEVER for personal OR community projects.

No one else may use creative, PERIOD.

How does this sound? OPs can still be effective, but survival is the main aspect of the server.


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