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1) I chose rule number three
Help repair any damage you see within the world. Similarly, keep extra dirt to repair any "moon holes" caused by creepers that you see. Repair does not mean just cover up, it means fill it in so the land is the same as before. Also, try not to "shred" beaches for sand.
I chose this rule because I believe that the beauty of minecraft can easily be marred and takes away from the experience of the game by constantly looking at eye sores or falling in holes.
The only exception should be if you do not have a matching replacement material on hand.
If I was to add a rule to the server I would make a rule against free floating structures that are eye sores or near other people's house's but it would be ok if it wasn't near a town where people would always have its shadow on them.
2) I'm interested in playing on a vanilla minecraft server because it allows more teamwork and communication. You don't see people flying around. It is more like the games purpose survival. The server is more stable and suffers less performance issues.
3)My greatest accomplishment would be creating a sixteen bit computer with eight bit gpu in redstone.The machine had a 15x15 block printer, could play simple text based games and run data in a ROM environment. The machine also had a minecraft day/night clock in it.
4)via the forum


9/10/12 4:56 PM

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please add some structure to your application, and add a bit more to your answers.

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