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Question #1 - Integrity Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

Spam, absurd displays of immaturity, or inappropriate behavior should be reported; for minor offenses you may be kicked. Repeat offenses could result in a ban.

I chose this rule, because it is the main thing I check for when I enter a server. If the chat is constantly spammed, it gets very annoying to see, and makes communication next to impossible.

No, there should never be an exception to this rule, it is a respect thing, nobody wants to see the same messages typed repeatedly, there is just no need.

If I was to choose another rule, I'd say, "Keep mines/mineshafts tidy". Meaning, no random, stray lines going on forever, it looks awful, and just is a pet peave of mine.

Question #2 - Motivation Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

I'm interested in playing on the Vanilla server, because I've tried many mods, gametypes, ect. and none of them seem to compare to the basics. All of the servers I've been on have all kinds of crazy plugins, and whatever else you can think of, and I think it ruins the game.

Question #3 - Dedication Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

I feel my greatest accomplishment in Minecraft has been my automated mob system underground, funneling and sorting the mobs to death chambers, and allowing me to simply collect the drops by walking to the end pipe. This made getting Tnt and Bonemeal simple and effiecient. Hopefully I'll get to build that on this server as well.

Question #4 - Comprehension Check - Minimum of One Sentence:

What is a Zaphod?

A Zaphod is artichoke69

Question #5 - Referral Check - Optional:

I do not know any other members on the server.


9/16/12 5:58 PM

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