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#1 10/07/12 8:32 PM

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Question 1:

"Do not steal or grief"

why did you choose this rule?":
The reason i chose this rule is because i cannot stand when i go on a server and go really far away from spawn underground to try to stay away from griefing and someone that has xray see's my base and steals my stuff and griefs my base. It totally takes away from the experience. there should be an exception to this rule. If you have a friend and you are trying to help out then you could put something in their chest or take something out if you know they are okay with it.

Question 2:

I am interested on playing on a vanilla survival server because i would like to have everything the way the creators made the game.I would like to be able to show off my creations to friends.I do not like plug ins such as land protection because they are hard to set up and they bring extra unnecessary stress. i would like a worry free experience were you and your friends can have a good time

Question 3:

My greatest minecraft creation was a custom mob spawner going from y:200 to y:20 with a bunch of redstone. It was very successful and yielded up to 150 drops per minute. my friends and i were on a survival server and it took us about 5 hours to gather all the resources. It also took another 8 hours to complete all the building and redstoning.

Question 4:

recent post from Shad0wcl3an1 included: what is a zaphod?
so my question is: How do you report suspicious server activity?
The way i report suspicious server activity is by showing what the person did and then using context clues to narrow down the culprate.


10/07/12 8:32 PM

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Denied. Answer 4 is incorrect.

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