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#1 10/11/12 6:06 PM

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Rule: As long as you replant and/or re-breed you can take things from public farms; unless a sign says otherwise.

Part1: I chose this rule because public farms are always useful expecially when people need supplies, and certain seeds.

Part 2: You should not use farms, if there is a sign, or something else saying not to use the farm.

Part 3: Do not provide any redstone inputs in a person's area, or anywhere, it could supply something that was not meant to happen.

2. I would like to play because I have played minecraft for over a year. I haven't done very much in survival mode, but mostly because I haven't found the kind of server I would like. I have seen many videos from the Mindcrack server, and been wanting to join it. I don't want to join for the youtubers on the server, but the community, which I have found very VERY rarely in Minecraft.

3. I feel my greatest accomplishment in Minecraft is a base I had on another multiplayer vanilla server, I had a blaze farm, spider farm, diamonds, tons of supplies, and lots of potions. I was in the process of expanding all the farms of mine when I was X-Rayed, the admins didn't have log-block and the X-Rayer wasn't punished.

4. The person prior to me answered both questions so... a Zaphod is an artichoke69.

5. I was not refferred by another player, but saw your page on minecraft server list.


10/11/12 6:06 PM

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I'm sorry about that, but that ban has been resolved.


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