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What's the future of RVS? Please check this post and vote!
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#1 10/12/12 11:30 AM

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Question #1 - Integrity Check - Three Sentences:

"Do not build on the nether roof."

Why did you choose this rule?

Because that is the leading cause of Nether Lag and quite frankly lagging is very annoying. Feels like I am walking through glue and I just wanna go outside and jog.

Is there ever a situation where an exception should be made to this rule? Please explain your answer.

Uhh... NO! I don't care if your making a Nether Roof City or building a portal to escape the roof you CAN use /kill to kill yourself and you CAN always remake all your gear! The ops are able to teleport you in case of an emergancy such as you having the ender dragon egg but in Irashi's Server Tour video they proved it stolen.

If you could add another rule to the server, what would it be? If none, why?

Definitely ban all lolligaggerz. And all Hippies. And Hermits. And Fried Onions. Why the hell would you fry onions?

Question #2 - Motivation Check - Three Sentences:

Why are you interested in playing on a Vanilla SMP server?

I am so done with the modded unwhitelisted servers. The Economy and the mobs dropping un vanilla items is becoming to much to enjoy the vanilla game. Also Feed the Beast looks pretty cool.

Question #3 - Dedication Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment in Minecraft? Why?

I built a pretty populated town on one of those dumb servers. It had the medevil feel and so many people lived there and the size of the place really was nice. Then I lost it to the frequent world resets.

Question #4 - Comprehension Check - Minimum of One Sentence:

I am too lazy to see who posted last so I will answer them both. (Crap that will give it away huh? Nevermind... I'll go check.)

How do you report suspicous activity? Via the forums.

Question #5 - Referral Check - Optional:

I heard from this server my ex-bf. IrashiHeart77.

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10/12/12 11:30 AM

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Irashi has pmed me a confirmation for your referral.  added!

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