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What's the future of RVS? Please check this post and vote!
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#1 10/13/12 9:37 AM

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Question 1
Don't flood (I do not want to restrict water / lava) or make 1xN towers (I am going to do the 1xN rule not the Flood)

I chose this rule because it is generally something that we all have done before so out of instinct we might do it.

Yes there could be an exception which is that: What if the player is building up to make a house. Then destroys it after he/she is done?

No using Flint & Steel unless it is for a Nether Portal. Since fire can do some damage.

Question 2

Yes I am very intrigued by the idea of playing on a Vanilla only server. One of the reasons is that since there are those /tp abusers when then grief you. And the idea of not being able to set your home with a simple command (/sethome). Another thing is that everything has to be done by hand, no world-edit and it just feels more like Minecraft to me. It also promotes teamwork, for example: A player is in a PVP battle with another player, he calls for help then realizes there is no /tp so he has to remember next time to bring a friend.

Question 3

I am hoping to accomplish making friends on your server. Or make an amazing house with the help of some friends that I might acquire. Or become ipickcabbages the most feared man in Minecraftia (not to the humans but to the mobs). So if you can see now I just enjoy Minecraft in general and will try to make it the best experience for all players big_smile.

Question 4

Zaphod is artichoke69

Question 5

I do not know anyone on Your Server

I hope I get Accepted! big_smile



10/13/12 9:37 AM

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#2 10/16/12 7:34 PM

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