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Question #1 - Integrity Check

I believe that the rules of repairing and maintaining the world are excellent and are seriously important.  Whether it is repairing moon holes or replanting a forest, I think the boy scout motto of "leave a place better then when you found it" is critical to a minecraft world and thus to our server.  Unlike single player, we are sharing a world and there must be rules to guide us.  If people want to ruin a world there is always the single player option. 

As minecrafters we must use the resources available to us to craft, but that doesn't mean we should ruin our generated environment.  Through my experience of single player I quickly realized that the gaming world is magnificent and delicate.  I believe that we can build structures and gather resources while leaving the original land quite intact.  I've considered exceptions to the rule and I am sore pressed to find a worthy
cause.  Consider the following, In what circumstances would purposefully destroying the land be acceptable?  There are none that I can think of. 

I am currently studying to be a civil engineer.  I have an passion for structures, I love archiecture, and minecraft brings to life my favorite childhood toys, legos.  Along with repairing and preserving the gaming world, I think there should be rules guiding the actual structures that we build.  As the saying goes, "art is in the eye of the beholder" so is it with minecrafted structures.  I've seen enough of the work of other players to know that some people are quite creative and skilled while others are not.  I would like to see some kind of rule that limits uncreative structures.  I understand that it is difficult to agree upon what constitutes a creative design/project, but a minecraft world should be a world of towers, bridges, dams, roads, buildings, etc and not some garbage heap of unimpressive rubble. 

Question #2 - Motivation Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

I will say that I am certainly new to minecraft.  With what little experience I have, I must say the addiction set in pretty early.  There is always that desire to mine one more block and to finish one more project.  I have enjoyed single player, but I must say that I is very lonely.  I know that the interaction that comes from playing on a server will satisfy that need.  Aside from just having other players to talk to, I believe that there is much that I can learn or inspiration that I can receive from other players and I hope I can reciprocate that towards others as well.

Question #3 - Dedication Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

I have already stated I am very new to minecraft, but in the short amount of time that I have played, I have built an extraordinary castle on the coast.   I was quite impressed and enjoyed building the massive structure.  It first started as my original small wooded house and evolved into an extensive stone system of towers and walkways with battlements, armory, gatehouse, etc.  It has a fantastic mote, and boat dock.  Because I built it right on the coast I had to build a very labor intensive sea wall in order to reclaim a good portion of land for a library, inn, and other structures.  The whole complex has secret passages to rooms where I hide treasures and the nether portal.  There is also had a secret underground route that leads a good distance away to a deep ravine that serves as my center for mining.  I enjoy building this type of structures, and so on this server I would be building castle complexes with towns and cities.

Question #4 - Comprehension Check - Minimum of One Sentence:

What is a Zaphod?

Question #5 - Referral Check - Optional:

I was referred to this sever by my good friend musikmaker88

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12/16/12 10:31 PM

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added, see ya in game

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