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What's the future of RVS? Please check this post and vote!
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#1 12/17/12 2:47 PM

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Question #1 - Integrity Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

Lead creepers into water to blow up... I chose this question because people who don't do this has always made me mad on other servers. There's never an exception to this rule, if I want to get gunpowder I will take it into the water to kill. I like all the rules, and I don't think any more are necessary, that's why I'm applying.

Question #2 - Motivation Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

Because I am tired of factions!

Question #3 - Dedication Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

I like making automatic farms, such as pistons that release water to collect wheat, and I'm okay at redstone. And not to sound cocky, but I think I'm a pretty good builder.

Question #4 - Comprehension Check - Minimum of One Sentence:

You must report suspicious activity via the forums.

Question #5 - Referral Check - Optional:

Nope, found you guys by looking up "small vanilla servers" smile


12/17/12 2:47 PM

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#2 12/17/12 5:25 PM

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Didn't really meet the minimum requirements.

Sorry, duder. Please respond with an improved application.


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