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1. I chose the rule dealing with repairing the world: "Help repair any damage you see within the world. Similarly, keep extra dirt to repair any "moon holes" caused by creepers that you see. Repair does not mean just cover up, it means fill it in so the land is the same as before. Also, try not to "shred" beaches for sand." I chose this rule because I think it is important in maintaining a nice looking world. I believe the only time an exception should be made to this rule is if the player doesn't currently have the materials to repair it on them. However, they must make it their top priority to return to the location and repair it. If I were to add a rule, I would make it against the rules to ask for handouts. It is annoying and fills up the chat bar with useless content.

2.I want to play on a vanilla SMP server because I've tried many servers, and they often are too involved. On many servers mods are so complicated that you are lost if you don't have any past experiences with them. Many servers also have protection or economy, which make starting out on the server very difficult. Also, I have tried many client side mods and I have always found vanilla Minecraft to be much more entertaining.

3.My biggest accomplishment in Minecraft is beating the game. I started a new world to test the new features of 1.3. From there I built a two story house with an iron golem guarding it, a mining outpost near my house, a large area for my animals to roam, and an automatic farm. From there I gathered diamonds to craft a full set of diamond armor along with a sword and pick. Then I enchanted them all with level 30 enchantments, and also got an infinity bow. From there I found a stronghold and entered the End. I ended up fighting the Ender Dragon with no armor. All I used was my bow and a pumpkin.

4.How do you report suspicious server activity?

One should report suspicious server activity by posting via the forums

5.I do not know anyone on the server


12/18/12 1:42 PM

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