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What's the future of RVS? Please check this post and vote!
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#1 12/19/12 3:46 AM

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Question #1 - Integrity Check

Please immediately report griefing or theft incidents to this thread - include names and images if possible.

I chose this rule because griefing is bad and shouldn't be accepted. I don't think there should be any acceptions to this rule because if you grief someone's house and it is a big house it will take a lot of time and materials to rebuild. If I could add another rule to this server i would add that there should be no explosions within 100 blocks of someone's house or build because of it might damage or destroy someone's build.

Question #2 - Motivation Check

I am interested in playing on a vanilla SMP server because I want to play on a server where its not based on mods and plugins. Because the mods and plugins sometimes make my computer lag. I want to play on a server where it is based on the game and having fun.

Question #3 - Dedication Check - Minimum of Three Sentences:

My greatest accomplishment on Minecraft is when built a big version of my skin at the time. Or building kamis lookout (from DragonBall Z) on a survival server. I feel they are my greatest accomplishments because they were fun to build and looked really good in the end.

Question #4 - Comprehension Check

What is a Zaphod?


Question #5 - Referral Check

I know afroman890 and he recommended the server to me.

Sorry if it is the same as the application before me in some ways because i already applied but had to edit it.


12/19/12 3:46 AM

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#2 12/19/12 9:07 PM

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Denied. I want you to re-do #2 (the sentences are too similar for my tastes) and re-write the application fully WITH the questions asked listed as well. I suggest going beyond the minimums as well. Should you do so, I'll take that into consideration along with afro's referral.

Did you remember to vote today?

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