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#1 12/21/12 10:02 PM

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question 1

lead creepers into water
- because I hate creepers blowing my stuff up
-the only exception to this rule is when you have a skeleton in a position to kill the creeper, this way you get the music disk.
- i would not add another rule because I feel that the current rule list covers all bases

question 2

I would like to play on a vannila SMP because I feel it would motivate me to finish my creations. for example i wanted to build a giant chrismas tree on single player, but I got annoyed with it so I stopped. if I was playing multiplayer I would finish my creations because otherwise I would feel as if I dirtyed up the server so to speak.

question 3

My greatest accomplishment in minecraft was killing the ender dragon. this was accomplished by crating a sound base of operations, cast moulding a nether portal and creating a mine cart track in excess of 1000m. The map in which I killed the dragon was in the days before I learnt much about potions, so I was killing blazes without fire resistance potions. but in the end I stuck it out and was rewared with seeing the closing credits of minecraft.

question  4

question: how do you report suspicious activity on the server

answer: you report suspect activity on the server via the forums

question 5

I know sith570 - he speaks highly of this server

watching...... waiting.......

12/21/12 10:02 PM

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#2 12/21/12 10:22 PM

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added, and actually, i find that sometimes it's easier to get the disc by leading the creeper into water, that way the creeper slows down and doesnt get too far ahead of the skelly.  Also, tell your friend sith to make a proper lightsabre without cobble :p.  Welcome to the server.

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