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#1 7/14/13 7:03 PM

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Hi I am KAPerez476 and i want to explain why i want to join this Vanilla Minecraft server.

My Motivation- I will like to join this Server because I do not accept the fact of griefing and the fact of people using hacks for there benefit. Most Minecraft servers I join once you are out of spawn protection you will see usual forms of griefing. I like the original Minecraft feel of survival in Minecraft not setting your home through commands but at least using a bed. From hearing this from my friend and getting positive reviews from my friend failingftw1358 I look forward to joining this server.

My Dedication- My Greatest accomplishment was when I made on my Minecraft Xbox 360 World s large economy world and everyone that I knew loved it they loved the fact of currency. I was still wondering if I should take currency but I soon realized it will be one of my greatest accomplishments in Minecraft. This world I made it into a big hit since I based it off New York City.

My Referral- failingftw1358 Told me about this server I know him in real life and he is a good friend of mine


7/14/13 7:03 PM

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Added! Welcome to our community.


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