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Well my reasoning for wanting to join the server is because I've tried out dozens or vanilla servers and none of them have really worked out. They were just full of griefers and unfair staff. My friend has told me good things about this server. I think this may actually be the server I've been looking for. So please consider whitelisting me.

My greatest accomplishment in minecraft would be a giant monolith of a tower I've been working on. It's actually just about half way done. Its taking a while to build being I'm paying attention to every single little detail to make it look like a real office building. My other accomplishment is my nether portal skill. I do not believe portals should just be built with no decor. I build my portals by netherizing a part of my house to make the portal seem very wicked. That is my philosophy. Well please consider whiteisting me so I can have fun with other players on a nice vanilla server


7/16/13 10:34 AM

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