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#1 8/02/13 7:57 PM

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0) You must carefully read the Minecraft server rules before completing your application.
1) We will perform a full background check on your Minecraft IGN, forum name, IP address, and email address to determine if your account is in good standing.
2) Do not create a new whitelist application when asked to make corrections - please edit your original post or make a reply.
3) Applications are not immediately reviewed; while you are waiting you must not contact staff, players, or request the status of your application.
4) Applications must contain proper English semantics / grammar and have a readable format.
5) Failure to abide by any of the above will result in the rejection of your application.
6) Now, register an account on the forums.
7) While logged in, navigate to "Forum > Minecraft > Whitelist Applications". Next, click "new topic".
8) In the "subject field" type your Minecraft in-game account name (IGN). Then, in the "message field", answer the following questions:

Question #0 - What is your favorite rule on our server - why?

Question #1 - What can you contribute to the server?

Other Comments (Optional) - Anything extra that you would like to say may be included under this header.

9) Press "Submit" and await the review of your application! Thanks for applying!


8/02/13 7:57 PM

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