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#1 9/08/13 8:19 PM

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9/08/13 8:19 PM

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#2 9/08/13 8:42 PM

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Can confirm that he had the sword. it was lost due to him dying at my base from a zombie pigman and it stealing it. He told me what enchants it had on it, and they are the same as the described sword. At the time I did not know this was stolen property.

#3 9/10/13 10:01 AM

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So I had put 8 diamonds in a chest at MELTDOWNJACK's store in spawn, to pay for a pickaxe

however, the diamonds were gone when jack went to get them

i think the image explains the rest (although there were no logs of the other 4 being removed)

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#4 9/13/13 10:40 AM

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since he lost my sword, would it be possible for me to get a new one?


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