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Question #0 - Minimum of Two Sentences - What is your favorite rule on our server - why?

Question #1 - Minimum of Three Sentences - What can you contribute to the server?
Question #0 my favorite rule on your server is the do not grief other peoples properties. why because on other server i build a really cool base and people just come up and destroie my awesome base and its sucks because it takes me a long time to build them and i just stop playing after that.

Question #1 how i can contribute to the server is i can be another person to your server, im really good at red stone and building, i try my best to follow the rules and i enforce them , i am a really good OP player i never ever would cheat to help someone (well i don't know what OP gets on this server so i cant really say anything there.) and i make shure to enforce rules, i'm vary friendly and fun , i can be on this server almost 24 7,i can Skype so if you ever need to get a hold of me just give me your Skype and if you call when i'm on ill text u or call you back.


7/16/14 10:15 PM

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please carefully re-read rules and correct #0


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