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#1 9/13/14 9:28 PM

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Question #0 - Minimum of Two Sentences - What is your favorite rule on our server - why? rule numbero cero was my favorito rule because i dont think anyone would like to get stolen from. alsorino i like twenti-cuatro bcuz respect make servers more fun and memorable. 

Question #1 - Minimum of Three Sentences - What can you contribute to the server? I can contribute my sexy self. Not onlyerinopepperino can I contribute myself, I can build awesome buildings. I love to play with other minecrafters and meet new people.

Other Comments (Optional) - Anything extra that you would like to say may be included under this header.
For example, if you know players here or need to explain an existing ban on your IGN. IGN: Wazinga

PS please not copy pasterino por favor


9/13/14 9:28 PM

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#2 9/14/14 11:34 AM

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I vouch 4 Wazinga - he was here on the last map, and he was cool, we built right next to each other. Naisu guy

Hes reapplying because he 4got his password to his forum account lel wut a nub

#3 10/14/14 1:00 AM

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yea yea yea, we need Wazinga


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