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[Re-Apply for 1.8 sever access]

Question #0 - Minimum of Two Sentences - What is your favorite rule on our server - why?

My favorite rule on the sever is # 12;

"You are responsible for anything that happens on your account (forum or minecraft in-game name). It does not matter if it was you, a sibling, or a hacker that violated the rules."

I have played Minecraft for many years and it seems that if someone is banned or accused of breaking rules, 9/10 times, someone will use the excuse "My little brother logged into my account," or "I was hacked!" It is extremely annoying and obvious that this is usually a lie, and if it really isn't, a person should still be held responsible for allowing some type of public access into their account.

Question #1 - Minimum of Three Sentences - What can you contribute to the server?

I believe that I have many in-game skills that can help me contribute to the server:

-I love co-operative projects.
-I enjoy taking part in the server community.
-I believe that I am good at building and determining nice structures.
-I have the ability to help other players.
-I am not an asshole.

Other Comments (Optional)

I'm looking forward to playing on the server again- it's been a while!


10/03/14 6:17 PM

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welcom bak!


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