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#1 11/01/14 10:54 PM

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So, I'm back.

Hmm, favourite rule? I'd pick rule number 12. I think that it's extremely annoying when people blame things on other people. I have previously seen people blaming things that their account has done on others. Although, one of my friends has previously gone onto my brothers account and done some pretty bad things, but that was due to my brothers sillyness and he gave away his password. So realistically, there should be no excuse for people claiming that others "hacked" into their account and caused something bad to happen.

Q1: Well, I have previously been on the reviewstash server. I have been through only 2 different map changes (I'm a newb). But, I then became quite inactive, therefore, I believe this caused me to be removed from the whitelist. Although now, I am starting to get much more interested in minecraft and would like to rejoin the server so I can avoid all the other servers that involve having to lock your house, etc. I like the different people in the community and enjoy talking to them. I can contribute alot by helping out in projects with others (once I make a few friends  wink ). Maybe I should play pranks on people, haha. I am pretty decent at building and if I am accepted onto the server I already have created a few plans for my own house (lots of flowers involved). I may sometimes also be able to help by being involved in community activities like killing withers, etc (if I can make it as I live in Australia).

So, hopefully I get accepted once again onto this great server and I can re-continue my Minecraft playing without having to worry about griefing or having to walk through a completely destroyed landscape with floating blocks and trees. smile


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11/01/14 10:54 PM

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#2 11/02/14 11:35 AM

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added 2 whitelist


#3 11/15/14 10:19 AM

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Glad you read the rules this time.


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