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#1 4/15/16 7:45 AM

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Well, first of all my Name is Lucas. Im 17 years old and from Germany.
You asked me for my favorite rule? Its such as simple as it is. Its the first rule:
no grief (very awesome)
no hack (awesome)
Thats the reason why i choosed a whitelisted server, just playing, farming and build some big/small redstone contraptions, without protecting an area to build safe.
I like to build shops and sell my stuff. I hope i can contribute to the server with my good redstone knowledge, my farms that can everybody use and maybe my shops where i sell different things for diamonds tongue . Also i hope that i can help other people because we are a community!

P.s. Im a guy who likes beating the game with its own game machnics and i love farms and Redstone! I hope its allowed to build in the Nether because i like fast travelling and connect different places with each other.

I hope you read this post very soon

Kind regards,
Lucas aka Radst0ne

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4/15/16 7:45 AM

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#2 4/20/16 7:28 PM

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