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#1 12/10/16 12:20 PM

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Question 0. In my opinion my favorite rule on this server has to be #12. This is mainly due to yourself having to take responsibility for whatever happens. This is a great rule because of the very fact it enforces responsibility, honesty, professionalism, and safety.

Question 1. Although I'm not very good at building (trying to get better from a couple of friends on this server) I can still build structures that others may find interesting or cool such as towns, towers, dungeons, and even maybe a castle. I would also gladly help others if they're just starting out on the server or even in Minecraft. I also see not disturbing or annoying others on the server as a contribution.

Other Comments. I know very well 2 other players on this server, MrChrome and TUF_. Don't know if they're actually good players but I will take whatever I can get.


12/10/16 12:20 PM

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#2 12/23/16 5:34 PM

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added - welcome!


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