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#1 1/07/17 2:41 PM

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My favorite rule on the server is rule six, as it prevents people from abusing game mechanics from ruining other people's experiences, then trying to deny or excuse it.  Nipping it in the bud is always the way to go, and stating explicitly that admins are wise to it will make many people who are prone to using tactics like that to troll other players be more hesistant at very least.

While I am fairly new to the game, I will not be a burden on the other players.  I will be happy to assist anyone who needs help, both because that is the sort of person I am and because it will help me become familiar with aspects of the game.  I am also familiar with programming, and although my background is mostly in statistical computing and data science, I may be able to help with debugging and the like should that be necessary.  For the record, I know Python, R, JavaScript, and SQL.


1/07/17 2:41 PM

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#2 4/29/17 7:30 AM

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pls carefully re-read rules and respond with updated application



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