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#1 2/10/17 7:28 AM

JeromeLolipops's Default Avatar
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Question #0- My favorite rule on the server is rule number twelve. I am disappointed when an unfamiliar and/or unfriendly person uses somebody's account, in which I am playing with. I am glad you are enforcing the rule that 'you are held responsible for all activity on your account'. Your account is your identification when accessing this server and when someone else gets ahold of it, you must accept the responsibility of the damage done, for allowing that person on the server. In the event that someone not whitelisted on the server gets in through your account, you are the weak link and it is your fault.

Question #1- I can contribute the presence of a social player on this server, who will imagine and create structures to better the appeal of the server. I enjoy the medieval building style a great bit, but I am always willing to build in other styles to create structures fluent to my surroundings or the theme of the server. Creating or mixing styles is a practice I hold and I am willing to provide any expertise I an. I am looking to present new ideas and grow within this server. My main goal right now is to establish a new settlement and survive with one or two other players within that settlement. In short, I will offer ambition and creativity to this server, while attending as a frequent player.

Other Comments- I am looking to learn new building styles and techniques as well, so if you can spare some of your insight and comments on my creations that would be great, thanks.

My username is Dancer.


2/10/17 7:28 AM

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#2 2/10/17 6:06 PM

zombiek420's Default Avatar
Registered: 5/28/16
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Hope you're accepted! You seem like a really cool player ^_^


#3 2/11/17 8:17 AM

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Panzor United States
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I am friends with this player and can confirm what they have said big_smile


#4 4/29/17 7:29 AM

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sdm United States
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sorry for late reply



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