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#1 5/12/17 12:19 PM

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#0 My favourite rule on the list of server rules is rule #12. This is because i believe that claiming someone else did any griefing on your account and it wasnt you, is just too convenient an excuse. This rule ensures the player knows from the beginning that even if they leave themselves logged on and someone at home (family member for example) causes the griefing it is still their responsibility for indirectly allowing this random person access to a server they had no right to be on.

#1 The main thing that i will most likely contribute to the server is aesthetic builds. I enjoy making things pretty! big_smile. I will definitly never just flatten and destroy a whole area and just plop a house down i try my best to build with the terrain unless the build is special in someway or another (like an arena would need flat ground for example)
   At first i will more than likely keep to myself and just build my own base doing my own thing and then when i get to know you guys will help with any community builds if you want big_smile .. unless its some complicated redstone. you dont want me to try and do redstone..

Other Comments: Just looking for a server with some mature and experienced players who are fun to talk to.

IGN Burdis_     (this is a new account though for any sort of bckground check it used to be oBURDISo. Long story short lost access to email tied to my old account which caused too many annoyances so i made a new one)

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5/12/17 12:19 PM

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#2 6/11/17 12:21 PM

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