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#1 6/24/17 4:15 AM

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I am LandTheGamer but you can call me land big_smile.

Answer to guestion #0: My favorite rule is rule number 7. That is to repair any damage you see in the world. Because overtime servers ussualy get realy damaged creeper explosions, endermen taking block etc. and I think that rule kinda fixes that problem and helps the world kep looking good and preserves it better.

Answer to question #0:  I can contribute the presence of a social player on this server, who will imagine and create structures to better the appeal of the server. I am also not scared of work being done, by that I  mean that I will contribute allot to the big builds like the ones you are able to see in the trailer for the server. I enyoy building in a medieval style, but like to mix things up. In short, I will offer ambition and creativity to this server, while attending as a frequent player.

Comments:  I am banned from mineplex for ˝hacking˝ I don't really know why I am pretty sure my internet was lagging and i was teleporting arround I got kicked and the next day I was banned.
IGN: LandTheGamer


6/24/17 4:15 AM

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#2 6/24/17 10:29 AM

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added - welcome to the Zone!


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