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#1 6/28/17 12:42 PM

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Question #0 - What is your favourite rule on our server - why?
My favourite rule on the server is the 1st one. (That's #1 not #0.) This rule speaks to me because of my previous experience with previous servers not abiding by such a rule. The last thing I want to be told by someone harassing me is that, "It's a free country," or, "It's not against the rules." That's why I'm glad that this rule is enforced on the server.

Question #1 - What can you contribute to the server?
Assuming my whitelist request is accepted, I can hopefully contribute lots to the server. I've been a minecraft player since 1.3 (5 years, now. Wow that's a long time) and I've picked up plenty of skills to play the game and cooperate with others. On most servers, I try to build a community where we can all work together and rely on each-other. So long as this server is enjoyable for me, I'd like to invite some of my friends to do just that with me. I'd like to think of myself as an adept builder. I'll provide some screenshots of island-huts I built recently.

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6/28/17 12:42 PM

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#2 7/06/17 6:27 PM

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Added. Welcome 2 the zone.


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