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Question #0 - What is your favorite rule on our server - why?

I would say #7, #9 and #14 as I have been in too many griefed servers where everything looks terrible because nobody replants/rebuilds any holes or trees they destroy.

Question #1 - What can you contribute to the server?

I am a decent builder and redstoner, and I have been looking for a small community to help complete build projects with others who have similar skills as me if not better.

Other Comments (Optional) - Anything extra that you would like to say may be included under this header.

I was just wondering if there is an age requirement I would need to meet to be whitelisted?

Additionally I attempted to give you some pictures of previous builds I have done, but unfortunately I am on another computer and I do not have those on hand. If you may be interested in said pictures I may be able to go out of my way and try and download them.


8/01/17 10:07 AM

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