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Question #0 - What is your favorite rule on our server - why?
Hmm, I guess itís the one where you background check the users, I was on a whitelist server before this one, which sadly died slowly, because of players not playing, but I still wanted to play so Iím searching for a new one.
Well, we had lots of problems with griefers joining, after just sending a good application, we had to install some plugins for the server, to turn back time a bit and to see who did it.
Question #1 - What can you contribute to the server?
Well, I love Minecraft, so I hardly get bored, I play on worlds for a long time, so I will build as much as I can.
I like Redstone and all with it, I like making stuff myself, but still use some other peopleís creations, even though I donít like it too much.
I like doing stuff for the community, so ill gladly help people digging a giant hole, or just helping a bit with the technical side of Minecraft.
Iím not the best builder, but Iím okay, I donít build giant and fantastic sculptures or wildly decorated bases, Iím more into having a nice and calm base to look at, and then very symmetrical.
Other Comments (Optional) - Anything extra that you would like to say may be included in this header.
I donít really know what to write here, but I like to have done everything, even if it's optional. But I guess I finish things, donít just leave them there.
Iím Danish, but got no problems both writing and speaking English.
I love to speak to people, so if anybody is up for it, then I will gladly contact them on skype or discord.
My name is Tobias, but call me Toby.


11/20/17 9:46 AM

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