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#1 8/08/08 3:57 PM

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"Since 1987, Elitegroup Computer Systems has been providing  motherboards to the masses and now stands as the fourth largest  manufacturer in the world. I will be taking a look at ECS' latest creation, the P45T-A, based on Intel's fantastic P45 Express chipset.
The motherboard arrived at HardwareLogic's West Coast Lab and  immediately demanded attention with its 1333 FSB, CrossFire support,  eSATA, 8 channel audio and 16GB of DDR2 capacity. And since its from  ECS, you know its affordable. Take a few minutes to check out this  review as I throw the P45T-A motherboard on to my test bench for some serious benchmarking. How did it do? There's only one way to find out."

Hardware Logic


8/08/08 3:57 PM

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